Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you have advertising and affiliate links on this site?

We love cycling and want to help people to find out why cycling is so great. That’s why we created this website. Unfortunately, websites cost money: domain names, hosting, and our time to add content and administrate the website itself. To help pay for all this (and other incidental costs) we have advertising and affiliate links on the website.

Click on an affiliate link or advert and you support this website! Like what you see here? Click our links to your purchases. It costs you nothing and the commission that we receive keeps us going.

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Why do you not show how long it will take to cycle this route?

We do not give an estimated time of how long we think not will take you to cycle a particular route simply because every cyclist is different – age, fitness level, ability, bike type, plus many other factors.

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How is my data being used and how can I have more control over it?

Please read our privacy policy to find out how we use your data on this website.

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