Buying Kids Cycling Clothing

What And Where To Buy Cycling Clothing For Kids

Your kids may be getting serious about riding their bikes and be in need of kids cycling clothing. What do you buy and where can you get it from?

Not every cycling retailer sells kids cycling clothing so we at Cycling With The Kids have created a list of retailers where you should be able to find what you and your child are looking for whether jerseys, shorts, shoes or gloves plus much more.

Kids Cycling Clothing


Kids Cycling Jersey

A jersey is a short- or long-sleeved cycling top that is designed to wick sweat away from the skin and keep you dry.

When we cycle we usually generate a gentle breeze which can make us cold even when there’s no wind. As the jersey material doesn’t hold sweat, you won’t get as cold as you would in a regular cotton top as there is no moisture to chill your skin. Wicking fabrics keep the rider comfortable.

Cycling jerseys have pockets in the lower back area to store food, multitools and anything else you want while out on a ride and easily accessible. Regular pockets found in non-cycling shorts and trousers can interfere with your pedalling or rub against your leg causing sores which are irritating, particularly for children.


Kids Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts come in different types depending on the type of cycling you’re doing and are either padded or non-padded.

Road cycling shorts are the stretchy lycra-style shorts which are very comfortable. Mountain biking shorts are baggy and generally come to or past the knee.

Padded shorts help to prevent sores or saddle-pain from extended rides although it is all up to personal preference whether you wear padded or non-padded shorts.


Kids Cycling Jacket

Cycling jackets are ideal for wetter or colder days. Most are made with a breathable material and have vents to stop sweat building up on the inside and are waterproof or showerproof to stop the rain on the outside.

An important factor is wind proofing. When buying a good jacket ensure there are zip covers, elasticated sleeves at the wrists and it has a collar too to block the wind.

Cycling Tights

Kids Cycling Tights

On cooler days, shorts are not an option and you need full-leg cycling tights.

Tapered to your leg shape for a snug fit and coming in padded or non-padded varieties, cycling tights are warm and protect your legs from wind chill.


Kids Cycling Trousers

In late autumn, winter and early spring, your child may need cycling trousers to provide more protection from the cold and wet weather.

Cycling trousers are generally windproof and waterproof to keep you comfortable as well as being made from a breathable material.

For particularly wet days, a pair of overtrousers may be necessary to protect against harsher weather.


Kids Cycling Shoes

Most kids will cycle with flat pedals and a pair of trainers, but should your child have clipless pedals they will need cycling shoes that take cleats to clip into their pedals.



Kids Cycling Helmet

A helmet is a must for any young cyclist to protect their head in case of a fall.

There is lots of choice out available in shape and size to suit every child. From smaller versions of adults helmets to fun helmets featuring a dinosaur, monster or your child’s favourite cartoon character.

Cycling Gloves and Mitts

Kids Cycling Gloves

Even the best of us fall off our bikes at some point. Protect your child’s hands from scrapes with a pair of cycling gloves.

Cycling gloves have padded palms to protect hands during impact with the ground and also reducing vibration from the handlebars while riding.

Cycling Glasses

Kids Cycling Glasses

Protect your child’s eyes from sunshine and grit with a pair of cycling glasses. Perfect for dusty off-road trails.

Protective Pads

Kids Protective Pads

Protective pads are great for young cyclists learning to ride their bike, but also for serious mountain bikers who hit the trails hard and have the occasional fall. Protect knees and elbows with pads and prevent cuts and scrapes.

We hope you find our article helpful. Are there any other retailers selling kids cycling clothing you think should be included in this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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