Best Cycling Books for Kids

Books About Bikes Every Child Should Read

Inspire your young ones to ride their bike and start their own cycling adventures with the best cycling books for children.

Do your kids like cycling, but needs encouragement to read? Let them read about colourful characters riding bicycles and doing what they love.

Father and Child Reading Cycling Books
Flying Fergus - Best Cycling Books for Kids

The Flying Fergus book series by acclaimed cyclist Sir Chris Hoy is a fantastic and fun cycling adventure.

In the first book in the series, Fergus wishes for his dream bike for his ninth birthday to become the greatest cyclist in the world, so when he gets an old, rusty, second-hand bike he is a little disappointed until he discovers his new bicycle is magical…

Written by Sir Chris Hoy with award-winning author Joanna Nadin, and with fantastic illustrations by Clare Elsom.

Check out the whole Flying Fergus book series on Amazon.

Age Range: 5 – 9 years

Duck on a Bike - Best Cycling Books for Kids

Duck On A Bike

by David Shannon

Duck has a wonderful idea. He wants to ride a bike. A kid has parked his bike and Duck borrows it and goes on a wild ride around the farm, passing all the farmyard animals, inspiring them all to do the same. Silly, you bet!

Age Range: 4 – 7

Eric's Big Day - Best Cycling Books for Kids

Eric sets off on his bike to see the big race. On his way to a picnic with his friend Emily at the finish, Eric helps fish a soggy rider out of the river. Next he spots a crying rider who has lost his way and points him in the right direction.

A fun-filled adventure where Eric saves the day by helping people and becoming a winner.

Age Range: 4 – 7

Giraffe on a Bicycle - Best Cycling Books for Kids

Giraffe On A Bicycle

by Julia Woolf

Monkey finds a bike. Giraffe knows how to ride… kind of. A timid tiger, naughty monkeys and even a flamingo all climb on as giraffe goes on a wobbly ride.

Age Range: 2 – 6

The Bike Lesson - Best Cycling Books for Kids

Father Bear teaches Small Bear how to ride a bike. Will Father Bear spot all the dangers of the road in time? Will you?

A great book for children learning to read full of adventure and all on a bike.

Age Range: 4 – 7

Bears on Wheels - Best Cycling Books for Kids

Bears On Wheels

by Stan Berenstain and Jan Berenstain

Another Berenstain book for beginning maths readers with unicycles, bicycles and tricycles. A great way to engage young readers in maths skills, this funny book will make your child run giggle and learn addition and subtraction.

Age Range: 2 – 4

The Boy Who Biked The World - Best Cycling Books for Kids

The first of three books about a boy called Tom who wants to explore the world. One day, he decides to cycle around the world. No one believes him. They tell him it’s impossible, but that just makes him more determined.

Also check out the second and third books in the series, The Boy Who Biked the World: Riding the Americas and The Boy Who Biked the World: Riding Home Through Asia.

Age Range: 9 – 12

Emmanuel's Dream - Best Cycling Books for Kids

Emmanuel’s Dream: The True Story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah

by Laurie Ann Thompson and Sean Qualls

Based upon the true story of Emmanuel whose mother encouraged him to reach for his dreams despite his physical difficulties. Emmanuel was born with a deformed leg in Ghana, Africa. He hopped two miles to school every day, learned to play football, started work at 13 and became a cyclist. An inspiration to all, Emmanuel cycled 400 miles across Ghana to spread his message far and wide – disability is not inability.

Age Range: 4 – 8

Everyone Can Learn To Ride A Bicycle - Best Cycling Books for Kids

Learning to ride a bike can be an emotional rollercoaster of an experience. Here, a father takes his daughter through all the steps of learning to ride from buying her first bike through to achieving that first successful ride. Feel the ups and downs of this journey with the fabulous illustrations found in this picture book.

Age Range: 4 – 8

Bike On, Bear! - Best Cycling Books for Kids

Bike On, Bear!

by Cynthea Liu

Bear can do absolutely anything. Well, nearly. He cannot yet ride a bike. He tries everything. Books, stabilisers, and cheers from his friends. Nothing works. Then something else goes wrong, but it may be just what Bear needs to start pedalling.

Age Range: 4 – 7

Mrs Armitage on Wheels - Best Cycling Books for Kids

Mrs Armitage On Wheels

by Quentin Blake

Mrs Armitage sets off riding her bike and starts thinking about how to improve her bicycle. She adds horns, washing water, tool kit seat for her dog and even a mouth organ. The mast and sail may have been a mistake though…

Age Range: 5 – 7

Along A Long Road - Best Cycling Books for Kids

Along A Long Road

by Frank Viva

Follow the yellow road on a bicycle ride which will take you through the town, by the sea and through the countryside. With striking illustrations and rhythmic language, this book is a joy for all young readers.

Age Range: 4 – 7

Sally Jean, The Bicycle Queen - Best Cycling Books for Kids

Sally loves her bicycle, Flash. One day she realises she is getting too big  for Flash and so sets off on a journey to collect old bicycle parts to make her own new bicycle. She even gives Flash to a younger friend who is in need of his own bigger bike. Sally will continue to be The Bicycle Queen.

Age Range: 5 – 8

Miffy's Bicycle - Best Cycling Books for Kids

Miffy’s Bicycle

by Dick Bruna

Miffy may only be a little rabbit right now, but one day she will be bigger. Miffy dreams of the day she will ride her bicycle and go on adventures.

Age Range: 2 – 4

The Best Bike Ride Ever - Best Cycling Books for Kids

The Best Bike Ride Ever

by James Proimos and Johanna Wright

Bonnie wants a bike. One day, her parents surprise her with a new bicycle. Off she goes, riding around the backyard on an epic adventure. Bonnie rides over mountains, under giraffes, through the Grand Canyon and up the Statue of Liberty. Oh oh.. Bonnie doesn’t know how to stop and has a tumble. But back on the bike and off she goes again.

Age Range: 5 – 7

We hope you enjoy these cycling books for kids. Are there any other cycling books you think should be included in this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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