Best Cycling Books for Adults

Books About The Bicycle and Cycling Everyone Should Read

Cycling is about more than riding your bike. It’s a way of life for some. For others, an adventure. It can be both serious and hilarious, often on the same ride.

Below are some of the best cycling books for adults. Here’s a variety of books that are entertaining, instructive and sometimes emotional.

Also check out our list of the Best Cycling Books for Kids to inspire your young ones.

Reading Cycling Books for Adults
French Revolutions: Cycling the Tour de France - Best Cycling Books for Adults

Author Tim Moore, self-confessed loafer-extraordinaire, is seduced by the glitz and glamour of the Tour de France. A 3,630 km route through every type of terrain. Moore decides to go for it. All of it. Every single kilometre.

An uproarious and laugh-out-loud funny story seeing Moore racing old men on butcher’s bikes, chasing cows and even attempting some race-type cheating too.

One Man and His Bike - Best Cycling Books for Adults

One Man and His Bike

by Mike Carter

One day Mike Carter is cycling to work in London. He doesn’t stop. He keeps going and cycles 5,000 miles around the British coastline. One Man and His Bike is the funny story of Mike’s five month adventure cycling around Britain encountering drunken priests, gnome sanctuaries and drag queens. An inspiring and hilarious tale of exploration and the kindness of strangers viewed from a bike.

On the Road Bike: The Search For a Nation’s Cycling Soul - Best Cycling Books for Adults

Ned Boulting sees bikes everywhere. In his book, he explores the British obsession with cycling discovering why Brits are nutty about bikes. He interviews some famous and important names in cycling including Sir Bradley Wiggibns, Chris Boardman, both Tommy Godwins and Gary Kemp (the chap from Spandau Ballet). Witty and thought-provoking, On The Road Bike is a great read for everyone.

Cycling’s Strangest Tales: Extraordinary But True Stories - Best Cycling Books for Adults

Weird and wonderful stories from the 200 years of cycling history. Included are the stories of Thomas Stevens who cycled around the world on a penny farthing, the 1904 winner of the Tour de France who was disqualified for catching the train, the circus man who jumped nine elephants on a bike, and the 1937 Japanese invasion of China with 50,000 bicycle-mounted troops.

Fascinating and intriguing, Cycling’s Strangest Tales will open your eyes to just what is possible on the humble bicycle.

The Bike Book: Complete Bicycle Maintenance - Best Cycling Books for Adults

The bestselling bike maintenance book recently revised with all the latest updates and developments. The Bike Book is one of the popular Haynes manuals. Fully illustrated and very user-friendly, this fantastic book gives you a step-by-step approach to keeping your bike in top condition.

The Cycling Cartoonist: An Illustrated Guide to Life on Two Wheels - Best Cycling Books for Adults

With over 100 cartoons of the funny world of cycling, The Cycling Cartoonist explores cycling in all its forms from road cycling to mountain biking, sportives to the simple commute.

A wonderful celebration of cycling and all its many facets.

The Rules: The Way of the Cycling Disciple - Best Cycling Books for Adults

Rule #6: Free your mind and your legs will follow.

Rule #9: If you cycle in bad weather, it means you are a badass. Period.

Rule #12: The correct number of bikes to own is n+1, where n is the number of bikes currently owned.

Cycling is not a hobby or a simple means of transport. Cycling is a way of life, a culture and a reach for the divine. Here are The Rules, The Way of The Cycling Disciple, an essential part of every cyclist’s kit.

Bicycle: The History - Best Cycling Books for Adults

Bicycle: The History

by David V. Herlihy

The bicycle, which we take for granted in current times, was an engineering marvel of the nineteenth century. From the first two-wheeled conveyance to the high-tech bikes of today, Bicycle: The History takes you on a journey to discover just how our mechanical steeds have developed from their humble origins. Explore decades of ingenuity and development, and how the bicycle changed the world.

Cyclecraft: The Complete Guide To Safe And Enjoyable Cycling For Adults And Children - Best Cycling Books for Adults

Cyclecraft is the complete guide to safe and enjoyable cycling for adults and children. Full of photos, illustrations and great advice, Cyclecraft takes you from choosing your first bike, setting up your bike  properly, and teaching you basic and advanced skills including how to ride on the road safely.

This book contains everything you need to know for yourself and to teach your children. Bikeability, the national standard in cycling, recommend this book to all their new instructors. Fully revised and updated.

Fast After 50: How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life - Best Cycling Books for Adults

Becoming older doesn’t mean getting slower. Fast After 50 offers smart advice by America’s leading endurance coach to show how athletes can race and stay healthy after the age of 50.

Fast After 50 is a guide to high-intensity workouts, focused strength training, recovery, crosstraining, and nutrition for high performance:

  • How your body responds to training changes with age
  • How to adapt your training plan
  • How to avoid overtraining
  • How to lose body fat and increase muscle density
  • How to create a progressive plan for training, rest, recovery, and competition
  • Workout guidelines, field tests, and intensity measurement

Age is just a number after all.

It’s All About the Bike: The Pursuit of Happiness on Two Wheels - Best Cycling Books for Adults

It’s All About The Bike is one man’s ode to the bicycle and how it can fill your life with happiness and change your world forever. Author Robert Penn has always ridden a bike. He talks about his journey to build his dream bike from meeting Californian mountain bike inventors to British artisan frame builders and how perfect components can make one man very happy.

The Rider - Best Cycling Books for Adults

The Rider

by Tim Krabbé

One of the best books written about cycling, the story follows the rider of a 137-km Tour de Mont Aigoual on a fast-paced and gripping ride through the French mountains. With steep hill climbs and break-neck descents, The Rider, is exciting and action-packed. A passionate tribute to cycling.

We hope you enjoy these cycling books for adults. Are there any other cycling books you think should be included in this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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